Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last night we went to old Las Vegas. Rick got a comp to eat at the Tony Roma's restaurant inside de Fremont casino. There was so much food and very good, but the best of all, FREE. Bethany ate pretty good and we end up with lots of left overs. It was Bethany's bed time so we did not stay for the Fremont light experience, but she got a big bill.

Ok, got to go, time to eat all the good left overs. I can't wait to eat the dessert.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bailando con papi

We went to eat Cuban food, the restaurant was playing salsa music and Bethany could not stop moving her feet. She asked papi to dance with her. I was surprised that papi actually got up and when to dance with her. Moments to remember.

Bethany y papi bailando salsa en un restaurante Cubano. No podia creer que papi se animo. Momentos para recordar.

Annie's truck

Monday, May 18, 2009

Going to the big toy store

Bethany loved the big toy store, she got some very cool toys.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ceasar Palace show

Visiting Grandma Fairbourn

Visitando la abuela Fairbourn. La mama de Rick.

Water + nice weather = FUN

Rocking with Grandpa Rathke

Here we are at RC Willey with Grandpa and Grandma Rathke. I was looking for furniture and Grandma was helping me, and Grandpa was taking care of Bethany.
Thank you for all your help!

Bethany loved dancing with Grandpa, She loves her Grandparents.

Ya llegamos a Las Vegas

Mis hermanos y hermanas

This is the first picture with the four of us. I love it.
Esta es la primera foto con los cuatro. Me encanta la foto.

La Familia

Bethany is the only one that is not there because she was sick. Grandma after eating went to take care of her so I will be able to go and eat. My mom is awesome.

Solo falto Bethany por que estaba en casa enfermita de su estomago. La abuela despies de comer fue a cuidarla para que yo pudiera ir a comer. Es la mejor mama.

Comida con la familia

Eating with the family. Mmm, it was so freaking good!

Comiendo con la familia. Mmmm, estaba tan rico!

Bethany got sick

Bethany sick, we are in a Quick care. She got a virus.

Bethany enferma, estamos en una clinica. Le dio un virus.

Hi, Phx

After more than four hours in the air, we finally arrived in Phoenix. Bethany was so good the whole trip, she is defenedly getting a toy. Thank you Bethany!

Despues de mas de cuatro horas de vuelo, por fin llegamos a Phoenix. Bethany se porto muy bien en todo el viaje que se merece un juguete. Gracias Bethany!

Leaving MI

This was our last look of Michigan. Bethany was so excited to flye in a airplane, again.
Este fue nuestra ultimo vista de Michigan. Bethany estaba muy emocionada por viajar en el avion, otra vez.