Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For your birthday you got;

Hello kitty cake, pizza, balloons and presents.

Grandma and grandpa Rathke sent you: 1 pair pj's, 2 books, and Dora little figurines

Grandma and grandpa Flores sent you: $100 dollars (I got all the clothes on the chair and the outfit you were wearing and one pair of boots and one pair of Dora tennis shoes.

Grandma Gray sent you: $1 dollar and a cute card.

Tia Hellen sent you: $10 dollars and a cute card.

Tia Michelle sent you: $10 dollars and a Dora card.

Tia and Tio Carlos will have something for you when we go back to AZ. (So you can have toys back home)

Your primas Flores called you and sang the happy birthday song to you.


Just Us said...

What an angel! Wish we could have been there to help you celebrate! It's going to be nice to have you close. I love the pictures of your cute tree. I love all the snow on the ground. Will you miss it?

Anonymous said...

Bethany and I will really miss the snow, now Rick that is another story.
We are planning to celebrate Bethany’s 4th birthday in Disneyland. We are inviting family member. It will be a magical day.