Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bethany's Three-year Check Up

In December, 2008, we took Bethany to get a flu shot. It was such a painful experience that she cried all day long. Since then she has been afraid of doctors.

This time, as soon as we arrived at the doctor's office, Bethany realized the jig was up. Bethany started panicking.

Neither the nurse nor the doctor had it easy as she squirmed, wiggled, and cried. It was more like a Mexican wrestling match, but without the masks - Nacho Libre! Luckily, Bethany didn't need any shots. In the end, we all survived.

After the match, we went to Red Robin and then for a well deserved trip to Chuck E. Cheese, which helped Bethany calm down and forget all about the doctor's office.

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